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Best Fun Dance Party

Why are we different? We teach the most popular and relevant dances of all styles from the 1940's to today. Most fun and hottest dance in 2019 is The Git Up Dance / The Git Up Challenge. We make a Party out of all our events. We have LIVE ENTERTAINMENT DANCE BANDS with the top entertainers in Ottawa. Our live show will blow you away. We’ve been providing award-winning Dance Parties for many years. Mega Dance Party can be a fundraisers, for weddings, fairs, conventions and special events. Every week we feature one of these dances the Jive, LatinDance (Rumba, Bachetta, Merengue), Cha Cha, Waltz or Barn Dance with local area’s premier instructors, who offer beginner, intermediate and advanced instructions. Members pay $10 non members $15. Membership is free. You can sign with us today via the form below. Once we have 100 membership signed in your area we are coming to your town for a Mega Dance Party. Ontario and Quebec

Join our Mega Dance Party

Join us today. Free Membership. We are planning to start our dances the week of September 18, 2019. Invite your friends to join us, share our website with your friends. Whether you’re a beginner or professional dancer, we’re confident you’ll have lot's of fun. Our dance is a 1 hour of dance lessons and three hours of dancing to live music. The three hour of dancing with a live band will feature a wide variety of dance music. We teach one of these dances at your dance party, Jive, Cha Cha, Latin Dance, Waltz or Barn Dance. A variety of styles for beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers, ensuring that all members have a good time. Members is $10 non- members $15. You can sign our free membership with us today via the form below.

What is the most fun dance today?

The Git Up Challenge. At our first dance in September we will feature The Git Up Dance and the Git Up Challenge free style.

Top 10 reasons to dance

Do you love to dance but never seem to do it? Whether you have dancing skills or not, it is always difficult to find the time or the will to bust a move. To make it easier for you, we have come up with ten reasons why you should stop finding excuses and start grooving!It’s the perfect break. 1 - Because we all need a break – from sitting for hours in front of a computer, or from running around doing chores… We can easily get stressed and overwhelmed. Dancing, like any other physical activity, releases neurotransmitters and endorphins. These hormones create a positive feeling in the body, relieving stress, anxiety and depression. So, put an awesome song on, let the music take over and dance away your troubles! It’s the perfect workout 2_Dancing is a fun activity, but it is also an excellent cardiovascular workout! It involves your whole body, so you can tone your lower and upper bodies. If you’re reluctant to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment, it is the ideal solution to burn calories. Find a good playlist and sweat to the beat! It boosts your confidence 3- It can be hard to let go and dance – sometimes because we are a bit too self-conscious or too shy. Dancing allows you to feel more comfortable with your body and will boost your self-esteem. Whether you choose to get twerking in the safe cocoon of your own home, or in front of complete strangers in a bar, remember that the first step is always the hardest. Once you choose to lose yourself to the rhythm, all hesitation will step away. 4- It’s a great excuse to socialise In a dancing class or in a club, dancing is also a social activity. Dancing will help develop your social skills and allow you to share a new experience with new friends. 5- It’s good for your heart However old and whatever your ailments are, dancing can most certainly help. For example, researchers have found that dancing significantly reduces blood pressure and improves your cardiovascular system. You can dance to your heart’s content! 6 - It improves your cognitive functions Dancing has beneficial effects on the brain. The activity is actually considered as an effective alternative to traditional exercise for patients suffering from neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. Many studies have found that dancing can also improve memory and prevent dementia. 7- It improves your posture Not only does dancing help release tension due to poor posture, but regular practice can even improve your posture. Professional dancers such as ballet dancers have to work on a strong posture to avoid injuries, balance issues and to look so graceful. Start dancing to work on your body alignment – and say goodbye to slouched shoulders! 8 - It helps you stay young Dancing has no age limit – even if you’re not able to do a full pirouette, marching in place can help. It will increase your body awareness which can in turn improve your balance and help prevent falls. As it also strengthens bones, low-impact dances have been found to help prevent and deal with osteoporosis and arthritis. 9- It’s a means of expression In a world where speaking up is not always easy, and words can carry too many meanings, you can use your body! Self-expression is said to be of the utmost importance not only to learn about yourself but also to build relationships with others. Rather than being a “selfish” activity, expressing your feelings through dance is a way to open up to the world and others. 10- And you get to listen to music! Music has been found to have a positive impact on health. It makes people happier, more relaxed and keeps the brain healthy. So think of all the benefits of dancing we have mentioned above and all of them with the magic of music… And you really have the ideal activity. Dancing has amazing benefits on mental as well as physical health, it is stimulating, empowering and good for your whole body! So what are you waiting for? Whether it is in your living-room, in a nightclub or in a dance class, turn the music up – you now have ten reasons to sway to the beat! If you’d prefer to dance with other like-minded people,Mega Dance Party have world-class facilities and teaching staff who are leading industry professionals. Being the best dance parties on the market, there is no better place to come bust a groove. We also offer a FREE trial class at 50% off for members only $5 ! Call us or text today to find out more – 613-617-0146

Benefits of Free Membership

1 - You get by text or email schedule of our dances. 2- You get 50% off on your first visit to our dances $5 3- After every dance lesson members can review the dance on our website Imagine if you can: Have fun dancing at any social event Increase your confidence when dancing with any partner of any level. Get in shape and have a fit, toned body. Smoothly lead or follow any partner on any dance occasion. Master sexy hip movement and arm styling. Learn new dance moves that you can use right away. Review dance moves at anytime that is convenient to you. Perfect your technique and body movement. Improve your musicality and rhythm. Learn the precise footwork for every step.

Our Schedule of Entertainment

Schedules: September 14 -Johnny V Show St.Louis Bar and Grill at 2280 Tenth line in Ottawa 6PM to 10 PM Thursday September 19 For 12 weeks Mega Dance Party at the Knights Of Columbus - Embrun 5 Rue Forget 7pm to 10PM Thursday September 26 Mega Dance Party at the Knights Of Columbus - Embrun 5 Rue Forget 7pm to 10pm Saturday September 28 - A Papillon Entertainer ( to be announced at the St Louis Bar - 2280 Tenth Line Rd. Orleans 6pm to 10 pm Friday Oct. 18 Knights of Columbus Halls in Field Ontario Basement of Church. Johnny V and Mega Dance Party. We will start in September 14 2019 in Ottawa area . Become a member today and we will come to your location if enough people shows interest. We also do fundraisers, weddings , fairs and any celebration event. We can dance because we also know the best dance music. With the right song dancing becomes easy.

Raymond Girard - Entertainer - Dance Instructor

Raymond Girard is an entertainer from Northern Ontario small village Cache Bay. I started playing music in a band at 13 years old in 1964. Played full time until 1977. Part time till 1989. In 1990 introduced Karaoke to Ottawa, in 1993 made a big hit with line dancing. Recorded 30 tv shows called Dance /Dance for Rogers TV. In 1994 I wrote a dance song called J'ai Du Boogie it was a hit in 4 countries and a dance hit in 22 countries. Now I am going to small towns in Ontario and Quebec and doing MEGA DANCE PARTIES. Raymond stage name is Koboy du Nord.

Johnny V Entertainer

Johnny V is a very special entertainer. He can sing like Elvis, Roy Orbison, Fats Domino, Tina Turner, Johnny Cash. He's a dancer, singer an just a fun Guy to meet. Party Time when Johnny is around.


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